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What is Energy Medicine?

Physicians are trained to treat the body. Medicine is now starting to acknowledge the connection between our minds and how our body functions. Candace Pert has identified chemicals created in the brain that affect how our entire body functions. The production of these chemicals is related to our emotional state, and may serve as the agents of the mind/body connection. Energy Medicine addresses the energy field around the body and how it interacts with our physical being. Research has shown that our bodies have energy fields around them. In the 1930s, Harold Saxton Burr, at Yale University in Connecticut, measured differences in electrical potential from two different locations on the body. He showed that each person has a unique, reproducible, identifiable energy field. This was used clinically at NYU Medical Center to identify tumor locations preoperatively in the abdominal region, and to identify ovulation in infertile women.

Energy Medicine is a wellness model. It's not about curing illness or "fixing" a problem. It's about achieving ideal health. Energy Medicine allows the body to function in the ideal state in which it is designed to operate. By acknowledging the interrelationship between mind, body and energy, we are able to facilitate a person's recovery to ideal function.

What is the purpose of the energy field around the body?

Dr. Burr was able to measure energy fields in adult salamanders, and found the same energy field in the unfertilized egg. He was able to identify what part of the egg would become the neural tissue, and inject a dye in that region. After fertilization, this dye appeared only in the adult salamander's nervous tissue. This shows a correlation between parts of the energy field, and physical parts of our body. It has been suggested based on this work, that in fact the energy field is the blueprint of our body. Each cell in our body has the identical DNA, the same chromosomes and the same genetic material. What makes one cell become a heart cell, one a liver cell, and one a brain cell? Could this be our energy fields acting as templates, directing the body in its development? Our bodies are constantly remodeling and rebuilding. The cells in our digestive system are replaced every 3 days. Neural tissue can take up to 7 years to repair itself. What is the blueprint for this process? The same energy field that directs the embryo to become an adult human can also direct the repair and rebuilding process. What if this blueprint becomes distorted? Will we rebuild based on incorrect information? What if the DNA in our cells stops receiving input from this blueprint? This would be like living in a house that you could not repair. Over time the house (our body) would no longer be viable to sustain life.


Buckminster Fuller coined this term to define the balance of tension and compression in an architechtural context. Donald Ingber, at MIT, identified this same design in the human body, down to the subcellular level. It has been found that when the environment of our energy fields is distorted or blocked, then the DNA "locks up," resulting in one of three possible outcomes. The first, is that the DNA becomes dysfunctional, and the cells are unable to repair themselves, resulting in a loss of tensegrity. The second possibility is for the DNA to develop a new cell line, which results in a tumor or cancer. The third possibility is that the cell is so dysfunctional that it dies. Research by Japanese cell biologists addressed the issue of why cell cultures die after a certain period of reproduction, which has been attributed to the aging process. They found that the viability of these cells was related to the tension around the cell, such that once the tension reached a certain point, the cell's ability to continue to repair itself deteriorated.

What happens during treatment sessions?

Energy Medicine is about allowing one's energy field and DNA to reconnect with each other, to allow optional cell function. Energy Medicine involves an intuitive communication between the practioner and client that allows normalization of the client's energy field. This may involve the use of vibration of colors or words. Masaru Emoto, has shown how words affect the crystalline structure of water. We are over 70% water. The vibration of words can affect the structure of water within our body. By normalizing the client's energy field, the client's DNA can resume the process of producing enzymes and proteins which allow for cellular repair.


One of the components of Energy Medicine is bringing awareness to one's breathing. This allows us to become aware of our body on a physical level. Often our thoughts our racing, leading us to become very involved in something that already happened, or planning, anticipating, or fearing something that might happen. How often are we in the present moment? When we think about something in the past that upset us, or are concerned about something in the future, this carries a "charge." When we are just "in the moment," walking down the street, and enjoying nature around us, there is "no charge." We are aware of meeting someone, and being attracted to them, saying that they have "good energy," or being repelled by them, saying that they have "bad energy." When we are neutral, we are less likely to draw other people's "energy" to us. The more charged material we draw into our tissues and energy field, the more we disrupt the communication between our cells and the energy field. A major source of the energy that we draw to us is our own thoughts. As explained above, words can affect the structure of our tissues. The words of our own thoughts can affect our own health and wellbeing. Thus, a quiet mind, when we are present in the moment, allows us to stay neutral, and reduce the charges that we draw to ourselves.

How is Energy Medicine help achieve health and wellness?

The cell model notes that as we go through life, our cells are exposed to cumulative trauma which disrupts the communication between our cells and the energy field. The result is a loss of tensegrity which can lead to a state of disrepair, resulting in degenerative diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, etc; endless cell reproduction, leading to tumors or cancer; and cell death, such as a stroke or heart attack. As the communication between the cell and the energy field is restored, new cell lines can be terminated; dead cells can be removed; your own stem cells can be marshaled to repair the body; your own cells can repair themselves.

How is Energy Medicine integrated into physiatry?

Dr. Kahn will perform a full neuromusculoskeletal evaluation at the time of your initial visit. Areas of tissue tightness and joint restrictions will be noted. Individualized treatment programs are designed to address and correct these areas of abnormal motion. Sessions will include manual therapy techniques developed by osteopathic physicians, and will be enhanced by the addition of Energy Medicine techniques as necessary. During the course of treatment, your tissues will undergo changes, allowing increased mobility and reduced tissue tension/muscle spasm. This will be assessed at each visit, and treatments will be directed at allowing these changes to continue. Your treatments will be supported by strengthening and fitness exercises to support the improvement in your tissues

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